Examples of transcription


Breakdown of instruments from the score in each part

Whether you have a finished manuscript or score, we create all the parts for various musical instruments.

We place emphasis on readability, the optimal size rates or easy orientation. We come out of our own composing and performing experience.

Below you will find demonstrations of the scores:

  • entire score (left)
  • breakdown parts (right)

entire scorebreakdown excerpts: double bass


Preparing for printing

We prepare your score to the state in which it can be passed directly to the publisher. This means that we will proofread and union rates, adjusting the front page, we provide such as crop marks, and adjust according to the requirements of graphic standards. The entire score as modern or classical will be prepared for immediate printing.

preparing for printing


Example: the final layout of the score of contemporary music. It was necessary to revise the different voices, unite graphical rate of page, fill in missing data and the like. The result can be compared on the following sample.

  • proofread before (left)
  • after proofreading (right)

proofread before after proofreading 



Example: transposition of the song of the entire tone below because of the vocal range.

  • transposition – the original material (left)
  • transposition (right)

transposition - the original materialtransposition


Classical notation and chord brands

Sample of an arrangement of folk song for dulcimer music. The melodies and harmonies are arranged in different voices, including chord brands.

chord brands


Modern etries and graphical notation

Modern score contains non-standard notational practices, with which not everyone notation software can in an eassy way to help. And those, which cope, require a fair amount of graphic imagination and skill.

If you are concerned that some ways of writing can not be converted into graphic form, please contact us!

graphical notation